Different sh@des of my l!fe ...
Saturday, 24 December 2011

How many times you think ?

How many times did you miss an opportunity because you were afraid of making mistakes?
How many times you hesitated to intervening in an argument because you had the fear of making a fool ?

How many times you did not come forward because of rejection?

How many times do you really miss God opportunity because they are not packaged as you expected ?

How many times  Did you follow your heart not mind Without any scared of future and society?

How many times did you say sorry when you feel you have to ?

How many times did you face your fear without any doubt?

How many times do you try to find your passion without knowing what's special in you?

Just Think .......How many times you think about this ...??
Friday, 9 December 2011

It Is Difficult to say "BYE"

It is difficult to say bye
To every minute  which i spend with my self !!
To all the memories which can be count as a  best flashes of my life !!
To every moment in which i laugh ,i enjoy !!
Really it is difficult to say bye in which i grow !!

It is difficult to say bye
To some fantastic friends with i spend great time !!
TO some faces  which i can't forget in my whole life !!
TO some flashes in which i do my best !!
TO some feelings which i share with my best buddies !!
Really it is difficult to say bye in which i grow !!

It is difficult to say bye
TO that atmosphere where  i love to spend time only with myself !!
TO that Place  where i spend  almost my whole day !!
TO some persons who are actually  a  reason to go at that place !!
Really it is difficult to say bye in which i grow !!

SO for me Really It is difficult to say " Bye " to whole system and my daily routine which i follow in those days !!
Thursday, 20 October 2011

"Loneliness sounds when I "

Loneliness sounds when I

Loneliness sounds when i feel a strong Emptiness and Solitude that conmes out  because of inadequate relationships !!

loneliness sounds when I am in crowd but still i am not a part of that crowd and feel alone !!
loneliness sounds when i feel that i have everything but still i have nothing!!
Loneliness sounds when i am alone and nothng to do !!
Loneliness sounds when i see time again and again !!
loneliness sounds when i am doing something but don't why ?
loneliness sounds when I want to spend time with someone but I never found that person anywhere !!
loneliness sounds when I have lots of work to do but not found anything to do!!
loneliness sounds when i sleep ,because dreams comes out in loneliness !!
Loneliness sounds when i fight with life troubles and NO one to protect me !!

SO when loneliness sounds i Try to wear a mask that always smiled to just hide the feelings behind a loneliness !!
Monday, 12 September 2011

Flash Back - "I Still Remember"

         The memories flashed out!
The moments passed out!

I still Remember every mistake had new suggestion!
find out by every friend collectons!

I still Remember ,when four of us harsh , then the bunk of class!
and then always find out in a canteen with chaiye ,samosa and icecream!

I still Remember Every day had same topic
  Sas - bhau or serial gossips!

I still Remember the day when i got tense!
and find out the suggestions by you friends!

I still Remember the discussion of each love story!
when i go into a flash story!

I still Remember the each Call in exams!
when we four got tense with physics,chemistry and maths exams!

I still Remember the every name given by you guys ..!
because i was always confused what going out -in a side!

I still Remember the all memories of that tree!
when we four got free.!

I still Remember the each lab of physics and chemistry !
because every compound made by us goes out of history .!

I still Remember my one word that passed out!
for that you guys harshad me throughout!

I still Remember the comedy of swati, astrology of meenakshi and suggestions of S.K!
because Really guys , 3 of u are HATT-Ke !

I know those days can't come OUT!
but yes the memories are always fresh when i go into a flash!

So i dedicate this poem to my lovely three friends .. "Sandeep (S.K) ,swati and meenakshi." !!!
Monday, 5 September 2011

I am ...

I am
I am shy but with "some natures" I am joy .
I am -ve but "with motivation " I am +ve .
I am lazzy but "with passion" I am crazy .
I am boring but " with friends" I am sharing .
I am passimistic but "with attitude " I am optimistic .
I am wild but "with love " I am kind .
I am program  but "with action " I am reaction .
I am sad but "with some moments" I am glad .
I am uninteresting but "with colors " I am interesting .
I am Independent but "with family" I am dependent.
I am Ruff but "with some situation " I am tuff .
I am rare but " with care" I am there.
I am diffident but "with study" I am confident .
I am sad  but "with music" I am dance.
I am fighter but "with pen " I am writer .
I am moody but "with time "I am jolly.
I am nothing but "with ur wishes" I am everything.
I am simple but "with work" I am hard .
I am tensed but " with efforts" I am worry .
I am alone but "with U" I am Live.
I am A(ambisious)+N(Natual)+U(unique)
Thursday, 1 September 2011

Life is just going On !!

Life is just going On !! 
Time is just move On !!

Life is just a joy , So dancing is rock on !!
Life is a struggle , So fighting is going on !!

Life is a race , So cometition is first on !!
Life is a challenge ,So struggle is move on !!

Life is a passion ,So courage is following on !!
Life is a sharing , so Friendship is going on !!

Life is enjoyment , So heart is just move on !!
Life is a compromise , So adjustment is going on !!

Life is a appreciation ,So motivation is move on !!
Life is a gambling, So game is going on !!
Life is a Love , So Relation is going on !!
Life is a music , So every rythem is beating on !!

Life is a laughter , So laughing should be on!!
Life is a sweet ,So bittering is move on !!

Life is sadness , So paining is high on !!
Life is a delicious , So Smelling is full on !!

Life is a fear ,So Power of willing ness is on !!
Life is a horrible , So every step with attitude is just move on !!

Life is a icecream,So melting is going  on !!
Like a wind it is just blowing on !! 

Who knows what next ??
Every day on risk is just going on !!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Friendship is a mutual sharing between Two Persons.
Friendhsip is a laugh without any reason for hour an hour .
Friendship is a secrets that can't share with anyone  .
Friendship is giving even you can't Except to recieve .
Friendship is free to say anything without any thinking .
Friendship is a hand to hold when things are tough .
Friendship is a opinion .
Friendship is a Faith that never for break .
Friendship is based on kindness .
Friendship is a voice that you want to listen always.
Friendship is a motivation
Friendship is a selfless love .
Friendship is a suggestions when you need it .
Friendship is Listening .
Friendship is a Backbone .
Friendship is a attraction.
Friendship is just knowing they are there .
Friendship is a caring .
Friendship is strong that no one can break it .
Friendship is a shoulder where you can cry  at your tuff situation of your Life .
Friendship can't described eaisly.
Friends can never be anyone It Comes directly comes from your heart that yes he/she is your friend
Friends can't be replace with your family .In friendship there is no " NO " only "YES " always .

So This is for all my friends to whome I say yes "U ARE MY FRIEND" .SO SMILE  :) Becoz I AM ALWAYS WITH U ....

Monday, 22 August 2011

Succes for me ...

For me success isSuccess can be count as a lots of self confidence , hardwork ,and some efforts!!

It is not important to be a successful person rather than a man of value !!

For a success it does n't matter how many times u fall ,rather than how many times U get up !!

To achieve a success just do what you can do better and don't think that this work is for u or not because if you do that work with full of pashion then u can make that work valuable!!

success can be come any time .. Don't loss hope always try to make every day as a successful day
if success comes with some failure then for me that success is a real success !!

To achieve a success just do best and think that success is a journey of life and not a
final destination .success is changed time to time !!

TO move up for every success just always remmber the person who help you to achieve that
success who give the support to you ..and always remember the names of your enemies .. that can be your weekness also ..so In future you can do well !!

SO move ON towards your way !!

Winner and Lossser

Winner always Gives the  Answer to the Question .
Losers always Put the Question in a Answer.

Winner always say It is difficult but It can be possible
Losers alwyas say It can be possible but it is difficult .

Winner Always gives the solution to the Problem.
Losers always create the problem in a solution .

Winners develop themselves by helping others to succeed.
Losers criticize others to make themselves feel better.

Winners know that failure is only deferred success.
Losers think success is only deferred failure.

Winners always try to produce values .
Losers never try to produce values not for self and not for others .

winners always Try to do better and better .
and Losers always try to do better only ..

Winner always Ready with Solution
Losers always ready with Excuses.

Winner face the truth and reality
Losers never face they want everything without doing nothing.

Just to live like a winner require hardwork .
And losing require no effort you can successfully achieve.

Winning require patience and effort .
Lossing require nothing it can be achieve without anything .

SO its up to you .. you are a winner or a Losers ??
Sunday, 31 July 2011

Music is my Life ...

Music is my life

Music just soothes the soul
It just take me out of the world !!

Music is meditation ,,
It just flows through me !!

Music is life ,
To Live in this tuff life !!

Music is enjoyment,
But some time music is just only a loudness !!

Music is Dance ,
just to Enjoy on every beat , on every rhythm !!

Music Brings the special moment ,,
That is important in every relation !!

Music can be dedicated , to some one special ,
Its a best way to express the feelings !!

Music is just to feel ,
May be for some one  !!

Music is a best way to overcome the sadness ,
It always motivate me !!

Music can tell a storey,,
Its a best way to convey !!

Music is a pashion to live ,
I cheers ..i love,i Like ,i enjoy the music.. !!

SO Enjoy the every beat of music .. and just enjoy
and feel good !!
Friday, 1 July 2011

Sometimes I feel..

Sometimes feel that i am  so lucky that i have a job !!But sometimes feel that why i m here ...?

Sometimes feel that Do Really i deserve this ? But sometimes feel that may be i m not able for other !!

Sometimes i feel is it a right track of my life ? and sometimes  feel
if it is not then what track i follow !!

Sometimes i feel that i am not following my passion ? but sometimes feel that is it passion everything in life?

Somtimes feel that where is appreciation ? But sometimes feel may be i m not for this !!

Somtimes feel that i lost somewhere besides this..!!but sometimes feel IS IT really i m ?

Sometimes feel that where is honesty ? But sometimes feel may be wheedle is everywhere!!

Sometimes feel if success is everything then where is satisfaction?

"Live Today who knows tommorrow comes !!"
Hope Tomorrow comes with better future ,,Believe in GOD !!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Few Lines -- Just For U Mom

Mom , I really I Love U.. I can't express my feelings in words ...

I am nothing without U ,,You are everything for me ..my insprition ,my happiness,my joy,my charm !!

Without U i m like a Leaf without tree..but just b'coz of U i can swing in air like a free bird...!!

When i am in any difficult situation I just think about u b'coz i know UR selfless love and blessings are always with me to face any difficult and tuff situation..!!

Sometimes you surprised me when you guess absolutely correct Like a magician whatever i m thinking ,,So that shows No one knows me better than U !!

Mom !! I can count you as my best friend ...b'coz i share all things with you ,and our mutual friend ship is totally altruistic!!

For all that you do i am thankful to you ...I'll kiss you and hug you b'coz you love me, too !!
So smile B'coz I love you Mom.....!!
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