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Thursday, 20 October 2011

"Loneliness sounds when I "

Loneliness sounds when I

Loneliness sounds when i feel a strong Emptiness and Solitude that conmes out  because of inadequate relationships !!

loneliness sounds when I am in crowd but still i am not a part of that crowd and feel alone !!
loneliness sounds when i feel that i have everything but still i have nothing!!
Loneliness sounds when i am alone and nothng to do !!
Loneliness sounds when i see time again and again !!
loneliness sounds when i am doing something but don't why ?
loneliness sounds when I want to spend time with someone but I never found that person anywhere !!
loneliness sounds when I have lots of work to do but not found anything to do!!
loneliness sounds when i sleep ,because dreams comes out in loneliness !!
Loneliness sounds when i fight with life troubles and NO one to protect me !!

SO when loneliness sounds i Try to wear a mask that always smiled to just hide the feelings behind a loneliness !!