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Monday, 5 November 2012

A special page of my NoteBook !!

A couple of days ago , when i was cleaning  almirah at home then coincidentally , i got a school Notebook of mine and  a very special page also .O O .. Before you upraise your eyebrow , Let me clear , i never got any Previous love letter of mine. :P . The special page ,here i am considering is the last page of Notebook which i found while going through each one . Let me discuss what's special in my special page .

wink smiley for orkut, myspace, facebook   In Below picture you can see all type of mixed stuff( khichdi - i would say)
like bollywood game (my fav ,  FLAME (for all childs surely  this is a consolation game:P), and yes one more in this category is a Love Percentage game ,cross -zero game( Simple but  hard to win ) and most importanty,various types of Signatures and yes different sketches drawn by me ...
Image From :way2express(also used paint tool)

So that was my special page . i am sure you all did same type of masti in school days or may be  some of them are still doing .I really miss my school days and all my school friends :(

miss you smiley, animated miss u smiley face for orkut, myspace, facebook
P.S :Let me know what's special in your Special page ..?