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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Office Timepass With my So called "Hidden Talent "

Truly ? i am going to post this ?
what turn out if it is disclosed in my office ?
Why i can't post this ?
yes , no , again yes .. undeniably i w'll post this ..(At last yes ~ )

Blah , Blah , Blah ,,, OOPSssssss  ,there are so many questions thump erratically  while writing this post .well 
offcours ,"office timepass "~ SO called  name recommended by my dear friend .must say friends "Always ready for your  Special helps  (i think u can recognize , which special helps i am bearing):P
To be very frank,Today i have my own blog , Somewhere  my office along with my hidden talent  ~ (doing another work when no one can perceive you) and a major sponsor to all these stuff is  " My Innocent face" Plays an significant role.
Trust me guys hidden talent and innocent face is a made for each other mishmash
And Generally , my  friends told me  ,i have an innocent face .so i am using this great mishmash "Hidden talent + innocent face" very Well and i think most of you w'll surely consent with me  ,that how can i ravage this great mishmash if i have  ,, and i know most of us are using this gift from upbringing yes from childhod Like :
  • Making cartoons, playing cross nd zero games , nd yes offcours our favourite( guessing the bollywood movies) ~ when teacher is giving lectures
  •  Try to open the facebook ,orkut using a proxy sites
  •  And yes , most significant  eating food in lectures

 So whenever i got free time in office , I try to do something which i love to do .Mostly my friends know only about my  writing  passion ,but except writing i have one more passion i.e Drawing  and if i say drawing is my 
first love , then there is no doubt in my mind about that , because of busy schedule i can't draw ..:( 
But somewhere my office helped me ,Don't think , my boss gives me paints to fullfill my passion ..NO NO  absolutely  not . That time i managed because i can't totally ignored my passion .So Sometimes in half time , 
i made some paints in paint tool .. now i have done around 9-10 paints ..
So here 's I'm with  my So called  Hidden Talent.
please look :
My Friend Ganesha!!

A Girl waiting for someone ..

Major problem ~i m too shy
For special one ..

Umm ,,, inspired from M F Hussain  nd must say big mistake :P

Guess ..?
Figure o o .... :P


Please do comment nd yes sshhh  " Wish my Boss never read this post .. Because then I know very well he will definately show me his SO CALLED "HIDDEN TALENT" 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Silent Green Nature

Image taken from :site

Silent GREEN Nature 
with few drops of water ,
personality of Peace..

few lines from Heart for :Haiku - heights(5-7-5)
Thursday, 16 August 2012


Image taken from :site

Feelings for Someone
Burns deep inside the soul ,
Difficult to control L

 few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights (5-7-5)
Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Birthday Gift of "WORDS"

"Childhood memories are delighful with colorful friends ", And i am so lucky that god blessed me with a friend like you ... 
Today 16th Aug  ,It is  indeed a very special day for me because my friend were born .. YUP finally i am going to capure my childhood memories in few lines ... 

Here is .. Few lines just for you ... my friend 

Hey , Happy B'day to my Dear-est friend Deepshikha
Amaging time we Both spend
when i go into a flash !!

Today , I am Recalling
Amazing memories of childhood
each laughter ,gossips of flashbook !!

 Uff ,Recalling That major fighting
when you ingnored me and,
went away  on  your fatichar Bi- cycle :P

Remembering, How  smartly i gave your name in duty .
nd very Surreptitiously ,
Meenakshi  and you arrange the money  for clucha -cholle nd softy :).

Remembering,your so called "love" for "Geeta MANDIR"
Especially , on every tuesday!
and your special activity on that day :P

Remembering,your each tourcher on me 
from  white hairband to my blue scaff :(
Always makes me laugh when i go into a flash!!

Remembering, Best time of english coaching
WORDs of  "FARAZ KARO ,"Serial essays of meenakshi ,nd special word of " KISHTI "
ahh ..enjoyable time with full of masti !!

At the end ,i am wishing you   Happy B'day in light of moon !!
May this year , you find your caring life partner
very soon !!

And yes REMEMER ....This post is just for you , Direct from heart
Must say ,my 'Childhood Picture' is incomplete without you 
Now smile because i am always with you nd i love you .......