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Friday, 31 July 2015

Simple Words For My SpecialOne ~ Sunal

Every morning I wake up and see,
The most handsome man lying next to me .

He's the one I love , I admire :

  A blessing sent from heaven above
  your undoubted faith, support & care for me,
  The humility , your sympathy, towards others,
  And most of all, your unwavering love for me
  And So much more. ..

 "Having you besides me I feel so special, I feel protected and above all I
   feel so loved in life Glad to be your wife.Thanks for coming in my life."

 Love Expression In Words For You  ~ 
Friday, 11 October 2013

stop complaining start living !!

Why Complaints ???

Sometimes when God Decisions are not packaged as our expectations ,then usually we do ...
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If YOU  is one of them , then you must read this ..

Indeed a great lines of GEETA-SAAR ..

It happened for good .
It is also happening for good only.
It will also happened for good only.

What did you lost for which you are lamenting?
What did you bring(with you)which you have lost?
what did you produce which is destroyed?

you received it from here only.
you rellinquished it here only.

It belonged to somebody in the past which belongs to you today .
(AND) It will belong to somebody (In Future).

Transformation is the law of the universe.

Whenever I read these lines I feel blessed/happy ,I feel I had/have no regrets in my life any more ,Because As we all know ,when everything ends , faith begins .. So Keep faith on god ,let him do what he wants to do !!

So Be happy , Keep calm & Don't worry what happened in past ,there would be a strong reason it never comes in future  .. :)

P.s : By writing this post ,my motive is only to say Do your best in your way , Instead complaints ..

Friday, 5 July 2013

Gift of words..

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Best time in college, 
moments of fun and strife ,
valuable time forever three of us  spend together..:)

Indeed , A great person 
and a Perfect friend , 
we both found in you  !!

Lectures best for relaxing and sleeping...

Gudaas maan night, where everyone is full on tight..
oye ..oh punjabi boliyan and Stay at  Harkirat's PG 
finally ,can say "meri hatho mein noooo noooo chudiyan"";)
which actually I understand in whole night..

Best time in Sec-17 ,,
our favorite sagar ratna , my so called love for red chattni ,,
and how could we forgot , that ice cream shop , where I got 
"jodi rhe salamat teri"JHATKE WALA SHOCK..

Today ,on this fine day ...we wish you get life full of Happiness ..:)

Happy B'day to our  goregous kanwal ,,Rock ur day ..Have fun !!
All the best ,. Thanku for being with us , Thakyou for everything you did for us..<3

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Image taken from :site

P.S : Party :P ?????
Friday, 8 February 2013

A fine Day !!

A nostalgia Day ,
For my father ...

A wave of emotions ..
touched both hearts ..
feelings of emotions ..
went into wet ..!!

True relations doesn’t go away
It doesn’t fade into the past !!
one step From any side
Could be a hope of rejoin !!

so take that step
Because miracles do happen
and love conquers all !!
P.s : sometimes money tends to overpower relations..but the true ones survive the test of time..love sets it all right ...
P.s :so i finally managed to take a huge weight off my father's shoulders..convinved him to meet his beloved sister after a long gap of 13 years !!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Well Done Brother !!

Ginni ~ 

New journey ..

With new hopes ..

Guides you with grace of god ..!!

Life is now showing new ways..

Time to turn out ..

With these shades..!!

Positiveness of true being ..

Blessings of dear ones's..

Effort's in Right direction ...

Finally Your day comes with  New "HOPES of SUCCESS" !!

" Well with the grace of God My brother got selected in Three multinational companies ..one is Aricent Gurgaon , second one is Cal soft , Pune and third one is Emerson ,Mohali ..!! I don't know which one he is going to join ,But right now he joined Emerson for Training period of B.Tech ...

So Here's is a hero of this post ...

P.S : Just one word " Well Done Well done and Well done Brother!!

'Happy Ginni ' For you ..........May your all dreams come true very soon !!