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Monday, 5 November 2012

A special page of my NoteBook !!

A couple of days ago , when i was cleaning  almirah at home then coincidentally , i got a school Notebook of mine and  a very special page also .O O .. Before you upraise your eyebrow , Let me clear , i never got any Previous love letter of mine. :P . The special page ,here i am considering is the last page of Notebook which i found while going through each one . Let me discuss what's special in my special page .

wink smiley for orkut, myspace, facebook   In Below picture you can see all type of mixed stuff( khichdi - i would say)
like bollywood game (my fav ,  FLAME (for all childs surely  this is a consolation game:P), and yes one more in this category is a Love Percentage game ,cross -zero game( Simple but  hard to win ) and most importanty,various types of Signatures and yes different sketches drawn by me ...
Image From :way2express(also used paint tool)

So that was my special page . i am sure you all did same type of masti in school days or may be  some of them are still doing .I really miss my school days and all my school friends :(

miss you smiley, animated miss u smiley face for orkut, myspace, facebook
P.S :Let me know what's special in your Special page ..?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Waiting for Someone is not Easy !!

                              O my love !! 

                          May be i have dare to Express or carve up my love story with you !!
May be i have dare to discern another one ...

But Without knowing you ...
and in the arms of someone who is not me,

 Only pain overcomes with this thought, 
   if you will not be there !!

But this foolish heart still chasing me ...
       And always say ...

.O My love ~

Waiting for you is not Easy
because still you never know,  that someone is waiting !!!

P.S:Sometimes waiting is a special feeling ...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Perfect Patriotic Moive ~ 1971

Image taken from : Site

Yesterday ,After a very long time i saw a Perfect Tremendous Patriotic Movie .

A true story of prisoners and must say Heart touching movie ~ 1971 directed by   Amrit Sagar  that completely Shocked me .

Initially , I was not much more excited about the movie because  i presume this will be about the war and all kind of Boring stuff will be there As a name indicates , But I would say my presumption was totally wrong .Because in this movie i found  a Terrific performance ,full of emotions, adventure ,courage ,Action and a music of salver  and spoon in simple form .

This is a story about six soldiers (Major Suraj Singh (Manoj Bajpai ) ,Capt. Jacob (Ravi Kishan ),Piyush Mishra ( Maj. Bilal Malik) , Ahmed (Chittaranjan Giri),Flight Lt. Ram(Manav Kaul) ,Flight Lt. Gurtu(Deepak Dobriyal)) who decide to escape from pakistan jail on 14th aug (independence day of pakistan). and how they all died one by one and  only one left from 6 , the one who's left is  gotu (He is still living in pakistan jail with the memories of his five friends and with one Hope that surely one day will come when he returns to home (INDIA))

Really a Must watch movie and surely , you will love this superab  remarkable movie .

P.S :  Moral of this story(I Found)  ..With courage , everything is possible in any situation .~ 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Colors of Autumn ~

Image Taken From : Site

Time of Burst out
Alteration  in air
Scattered colors of  Autumn!

few lines from Heart for :Haiku - heights
Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wishing in Moon of Light ~

Image taken from : Site

In Dreamy light of moon
Wishing ; you think same
As i think for you ..
few lines from Heart for :Haiku - heights

Monday, 3 September 2012

Being lonely ~ Sometimes Looks Better

Image taken from : Site

Feeling alone
with specialone
oh , it's Better to be alone !! 

few lines from Heart for :Haiku - heights
Sunday, 2 September 2012

Colors ~

Image taken from :Site

Colors of Girls
Indeed ; Many of Us
Shades of ours :P

few lines from Heart for :Haiku - heights
Saturday, 1 September 2012

Rope of love ~

Image taken from :Site

No drawbridge for emotions 
tears are rolling down ,
only rope of love could pulled up !!

few lines from Heart for :Haiku - heights(17Syl)
Thursday, 23 August 2012

Office Timepass With my So called "Hidden Talent "

Truly ? i am going to post this ?
what turn out if it is disclosed in my office ?
Why i can't post this ?
yes , no , again yes .. undeniably i w'll post this ..(At last yes ~ )

Blah , Blah , Blah ,,, OOPSssssss  ,there are so many questions thump erratically  while writing this post .well 
offcours ,"office timepass "~ SO called  name recommended by my dear friend .must say friends "Always ready for your  Special helps  (i think u can recognize , which special helps i am bearing):P
To be very frank,Today i have my own blog , Somewhere  my office along with my hidden talent  ~ (doing another work when no one can perceive you) and a major sponsor to all these stuff is  " My Innocent face" Plays an significant role.
Trust me guys hidden talent and innocent face is a made for each other mishmash
And Generally , my  friends told me  ,i have an innocent face .so i am using this great mishmash "Hidden talent + innocent face" very Well and i think most of you w'll surely consent with me  ,that how can i ravage this great mishmash if i have  ,, and i know most of us are using this gift from upbringing yes from childhod Like :
  • Making cartoons, playing cross nd zero games , nd yes offcours our favourite( guessing the bollywood movies) ~ when teacher is giving lectures
  •  Try to open the facebook ,orkut using a proxy sites
  •  And yes , most significant  eating food in lectures

 So whenever i got free time in office , I try to do something which i love to do .Mostly my friends know only about my  writing  passion ,but except writing i have one more passion i.e Drawing  and if i say drawing is my 
first love , then there is no doubt in my mind about that , because of busy schedule i can't draw ..:( 
But somewhere my office helped me ,Don't think , my boss gives me paints to fullfill my passion ..NO NO  absolutely  not . That time i managed because i can't totally ignored my passion .So Sometimes in half time , 
i made some paints in paint tool .. now i have done around 9-10 paints ..
So here 's I'm with  my So called  Hidden Talent.
please look :
My Friend Ganesha!!

A Girl waiting for someone ..

Major problem ~i m too shy
For special one ..

Umm ,,, inspired from M F Hussain  nd must say big mistake :P

Guess ..?
Figure o o .... :P


Please do comment nd yes sshhh  " Wish my Boss never read this post .. Because then I know very well he will definately show me his SO CALLED "HIDDEN TALENT" 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Silent Green Nature

Image taken from :site

Silent GREEN Nature 
with few drops of water ,
personality of Peace..

few lines from Heart for :Haiku - heights(5-7-5)
Thursday, 16 August 2012


Image taken from :site

Feelings for Someone
Burns deep inside the soul ,
Difficult to control L

 few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights (5-7-5)
Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Birthday Gift of "WORDS"

"Childhood memories are delighful with colorful friends ", And i am so lucky that god blessed me with a friend like you ... 
Today 16th Aug  ,It is  indeed a very special day for me because my friend were born .. YUP finally i am going to capure my childhood memories in few lines ... 

Here is .. Few lines just for you ... my friend 

Hey , Happy B'day to my Dear-est friend Deepshikha
Amaging time we Both spend
when i go into a flash !!

Today , I am Recalling
Amazing memories of childhood
each laughter ,gossips of flashbook !!

 Uff ,Recalling That major fighting
when you ingnored me and,
went away  on  your fatichar Bi- cycle :P

Remembering, How  smartly i gave your name in duty .
nd very Surreptitiously ,
Meenakshi  and you arrange the money  for clucha -cholle nd softy :).

Remembering,your so called "love" for "Geeta MANDIR"
Especially , on every tuesday!
and your special activity on that day :P

Remembering,your each tourcher on me 
from  white hairband to my blue scaff :(
Always makes me laugh when i go into a flash!!

Remembering, Best time of english coaching
WORDs of  "FARAZ KARO ,"Serial essays of meenakshi ,nd special word of " KISHTI "
ahh ..enjoyable time with full of masti !!

At the end ,i am wishing you   Happy B'day in light of moon !!
May this year , you find your caring life partner
very soon !!

And yes REMEMER ....This post is just for you , Direct from heart
Must say ,my 'Childhood Picture' is incomplete without you 
Now smile because i am always with you nd i love you .......

Thursday, 5 July 2012

~True Effect of Nature within Time ~

Image taken form :site

Peaceful in Day
Mysterious in Darkness
"TIME" Diverts nature ~

 few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights (5-7-5)
Kindly check my Poem : How many times you think ?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My family support

Family Finger
Image taken from:site

forever with me
without any doubt like sustain
selfless support

(This is for my sweet mom)

Always Stimulate me
with words "you can Do"
inspiring support

(My sweet younger brother )
love me like a kid
makes me feel special one
moral support yet!!

(My Dado ( i love u dado )

few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights (5-7-5)
Friday, 22 June 2012

Wisdom for some of them ~

Image from:  site (Also  use paint tool)

In hold of wisdom
Everything becomes wealthy 
for some of greedy Monk !!

                                         few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights (5-7-5)
Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ordinary view ~

Haiku sheltered
my ordinary views
into fine shape
Now ordinary time
becomes valuable
with all of you !! 

( This is for all my haiku Friends .Thanks to all !!)
                                                         few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights
Sunday, 3 June 2012

Love ~ in shape of lock

Sad Girl
Image taken from :site

love for you 
locked by society
 with key of  money  !!

(Wriiten by my dear friend for someone speical in her life)
Let me know what you think  ?

few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights
Thursday, 31 May 2012

Best Joy Ever :(

Image taken from : site

Gossips with friends
sharing thoughts and feelings
Masti in college 

Memories flashed out of 
Tiffin sharing ,lectures bunk
Valuable Time way out!!

Lost best days of 
Together learning and doing
ahh , Best joy ever :(

few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights

Monday, 21 May 2012


Pine Treefooting long and straight 
Protecting all around us 
slot pine Minder for ever !!

oh ,In snowfall looks like cone
 waiting for bounce ,
pine stands tall as ever !!

with Skinny leaves in green color
pine tree with long neck 
spreading Stink in the air !!

few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights
Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sometimes feel !!

Image taken from :site

Oh ,, i don't know him 
but i think , i could love him 
sometimes feel , its a crimson !!

when he talks ,,
trying to show off 
sometimes feel , its a crimson !!

yes , this is a lovely feeling 
i wanna to live ,
Sometimes feel ,its just a crimson feel !!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Mask ~

Image taken from : site

 Hiding feelings ,thrashing ourselves .
smiling behind our on spot pain . 
How does it looks ~ fake mask or something else ?

few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights
Friday, 11 May 2012

Raindrops ~

Image taken from :site

Musical Raindrops ~

"Singing Sounds rytheme Dancing rock beats Ah !!ranindrops plays music " ~ Magnificent feelings

Loving Raindrops ~

"feelings for someone Raindrops plays melody of love " ~ glorious feelings

few lines from heart for :Tackle it tuesday


Image taken from : site

                             If Time is Money  Then ~

"Hours are coins 

utilize these coins
    makes precious time "

few lines from heart for : Haiku-heights

Monday, 7 May 2012

Desprate cry ..

I don't know why I fail to ease my mind. And every time I inhale .
I don't know why I m not moving ,everytime backup is strange .
I don't know why it is like a screaming, everytime it is untold pain.
I don't know why i am desperate  , everytime it is too hard .
I don't know why i am waiting , everytime it is just a thinking.
I don't know why i believe , everytime it looks unfair .
I don't know why i think a lot ,everytime it is  found like a madness.
I don't know who it is , everytime it is just a shadow .
I don't know why it is called pain ,everytime it looks desprate for love ,for breadth ,, Desprate Cry
Thursday, 26 January 2012

"yes , i can say proudly to be an Indian "

yes i can say proudly to be an Indian .,.
when i see different culture strongly in one Palm !!

yes i can say proudly to be an Indian .,.
when i see young youth of india!!

yes i can say proudly to be an Indian .,.
when i see India is one of the top-ranking countries in the field of research,technology ,sports

yes i can say proudly to be an Indian .,.
when i see Symbol of Love "TAJ- Mahal" in india

yes i can say proudly to be an Indian .,.
when i see Fire , limpidness , harmony in a Flag of india

yes i can say proudly to be an Indian .,.
when i see holiness and courage of life

yes i can say proudly to be an Indian .,.
when i see  its Rich  literacy tradition

yes i can say proudly to be an Indian .,.
Because i am indian ..
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