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Monday, 12 September 2011

Flash Back - "I Still Remember"

         The memories flashed out!
The moments passed out!

I still Remember every mistake had new suggestion!
find out by every friend collectons!

I still Remember ,when four of us harsh , then the bunk of class!
and then always find out in a canteen with chaiye ,samosa and icecream!

I still Remember Every day had same topic
  Sas - bhau or serial gossips!

I still Remember the day when i got tense!
and find out the suggestions by you friends!

I still Remember the discussion of each love story!
when i go into a flash story!

I still Remember the each Call in exams!
when we four got tense with physics,chemistry and maths exams!

I still Remember the every name given by you guys ..!
because i was always confused what going out -in a side!

I still Remember the all memories of that tree!
when we four got free.!

I still Remember the each lab of physics and chemistry !
because every compound made by us goes out of history .!

I still Remember my one word that passed out!
for that you guys harshad me throughout!

I still Remember the comedy of swati, astrology of meenakshi and suggestions of S.K!
because Really guys , 3 of u are HATT-Ke !

I know those days can't come OUT!
but yes the memories are always fresh when i go into a flash!

So i dedicate this poem to my lovely three friends .. "Sandeep (S.K) ,swati and meenakshi." !!!