Different sh@des of my l!fe ...
Monday, 5 September 2011

I am ...

I am
I am shy but with "some natures" I am joy .
I am -ve but "with motivation " I am +ve .
I am lazzy but "with passion" I am crazy .
I am boring but " with friends" I am sharing .
I am passimistic but "with attitude " I am optimistic .
I am wild but "with love " I am kind .
I am program  but "with action " I am reaction .
I am sad but "with some moments" I am glad .
I am uninteresting but "with colors " I am interesting .
I am Independent but "with family" I am dependent.
I am Ruff but "with some situation " I am tuff .
I am rare but " with care" I am there.
I am diffident but "with study" I am confident .
I am sad  but "with music" I am dance.
I am fighter but "with pen " I am writer .
I am moody but "with time "I am jolly.
I am nothing but "with ur wishes" I am everything.
I am simple but "with work" I am hard .
I am tensed but " with efforts" I am worry .
I am alone but "with U" I am Live.
I am A(ambisious)+N(Natual)+U(unique)