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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Few Lines -- Just For U Mom

Mom , I really I Love U.. I can't express my feelings in words ...

I am nothing without U ,,You are everything for me ..my insprition ,my happiness,my joy,my charm !!

Without U i m like a Leaf without tree..but just b'coz of U i can swing in air like a free bird...!!

When i am in any difficult situation I just think about u b'coz i know UR selfless love and blessings are always with me to face any difficult and tuff situation..!!

Sometimes you surprised me when you guess absolutely correct Like a magician whatever i m thinking ,,So that shows No one knows me better than U !!

Mom !! I can count you as my best friend ...b'coz i share all things with you ,and our mutual friend ship is totally altruistic!!

For all that you do i am thankful to you ...I'll kiss you and hug you b'coz you love me, too !!
So smile B'coz I love you Mom.....!!