Different sh@des of my l!fe ...
Friday, 1 July 2011

Sometimes I feel..

Sometimes feel that i am  so lucky that i have a job !!But sometimes feel that why i m here ...?

Sometimes feel that Do Really i deserve this ? But sometimes feel that may be i m not able for other !!

Sometimes i feel is it a right track of my life ? and sometimes  feel
if it is not then what track i follow !!

Sometimes i feel that i am not following my passion ? but sometimes feel that is it passion everything in life?

Somtimes feel that where is appreciation ? But sometimes feel may be i m not for this !!

Somtimes feel that i lost somewhere besides this..!!but sometimes feel IS IT really i m ?

Sometimes feel that where is honesty ? But sometimes feel may be wheedle is everywhere!!

Sometimes feel if success is everything then where is satisfaction?

"Live Today who knows tommorrow comes !!"
Hope Tomorrow comes with better future ,,Believe in GOD !!