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Monday, 22 August 2011

Winner and Lossser

Winner always Gives the  Answer to the Question .
Losers always Put the Question in a Answer.

Winner always say It is difficult but It can be possible
Losers alwyas say It can be possible but it is difficult .

Winner Always gives the solution to the Problem.
Losers always create the problem in a solution .

Winners develop themselves by helping others to succeed.
Losers criticize others to make themselves feel better.

Winners know that failure is only deferred success.
Losers think success is only deferred failure.

Winners always try to produce values .
Losers never try to produce values not for self and not for others .

winners always Try to do better and better .
and Losers always try to do better only ..

Winner always Ready with Solution
Losers always ready with Excuses.

Winner face the truth and reality
Losers never face they want everything without doing nothing.

Just to live like a winner require hardwork .
And losing require no effort you can successfully achieve.

Winning require patience and effort .
Lossing require nothing it can be achieve without anything .

SO its up to you .. you are a winner or a Losers ??